Hank Busche is the new pastor in the little town of Ashton. He is known as "the Praying Man" among the angels and demons.
He is first found praying alone in Ashton Community Church, where he is the pastor, during the infamous Ashton Summer Festival.

"What’s he up to, anyway?"
"I don’t think he even knows. The Spirit is driving him. He’s giving action to a burden in his heart."
"Oh, we’ll have action, all right!"
"Just don’t be a threat. So far it’s the best way to survive in this town."
"So tell that to the little pastor here."

-Triskal and Krioni talking about Hank

"But you want to be crucified!"
"I want to save souls, I want to convict sinners, I want to help newborn believers grow up in the truth. If I don't do that, I'll have a lot more to fear than you and the rest of the board."

-Hank and Brummel discussing Hank's excommunication of Lou Stanley
Edith s Dream

"Pray for this man."